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About Us

The majority of Magellan Legal's clients are affluent retirees whose concerns include having their legal affairs and documents in order and avoiding or reducing estate taxes, income taxes, and capital gains taxes. Recent years have also seen an increase in a desire to protect assets from frivolous lawsuits and to maintain the privacy of family affairs.

Magellan Legal's primary goal is to keep your overall plan objectives in our sights as we work to best coordinate all the separate pieces of your legal, financial and tax affairs so that you achieve harmony in your life. To accomplish this, the Atlanta attorneys of Magellan Legal have partnered with financial advisors, Certified Financial Planners™ and accountants to offer the most comprehensive planning available.

A relationship with Magellan Legal starts with a consultation with Leonard Bittner, an experienced Atlanta lawyer of over 30 years. Len will spend time with you, ensuring that your estate plan reflects your hopes and desires. If you elect to enroll in our exclusive Retainer Program you will receive additional benefits, among them an annual review to take into consideration any changes in your life during the preceding year. We will then incorporate any necessary plan changes to ensure that you receive the best possible benefit from your chosen strategy.